Tuesday, September 6, 2011


eSword is my favorite Bible study program.
It is FREE!!!
Download below

Download eSword

eSword for iPad 

eSword for iPhone and iPod Touch

eSword X for Mac

The discussion for eSword for Linux may be coming to a head. Show your support; programmers needed!

With the new version of eSword, it has a built-in downloader feature. It
comes with the King James and the King James w/Strong's numbers.

Use the downloader to get the
Modern King James Version and the
Literal Translation (by Jay P. Green Sr) if you are a KJV fan.

For serious students of the Word, I recommend downloading the
English Standard Version and the
New American Standard Version.

I've also found these versions useful in my studies:
Contemporary English Version,
International Standard Version,
and the New Living Translation.

For commentaries, get Matthew Henry; the "Concise" version is okay, but the "Whole Bible" version is the really useful one.
The TSK (Treasury of Scriptural Knowledge) is included (one of the greatest Bible study tools!).
Another I have found to be extremely useful is the LASB (Life Application Study Bible).

Dictionaries: the free ones- GET THEM ALL!
The ones I use the most:
International Standard Bible Encyclopedia,
King James Concordance,
and Webster's 1828 (gotta' have it for KJV; mouse over a "big" word,
click, then it comes up in Webster's old-school dictionary- too cool!)

Some of the moduels for eSword contain copywrited material so
you have to buy them (link below).

American Bible Sales  AMP NASB (bundle)
WEB - World English Bible (is now available via the built-in downloader)

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