Sunday, December 30, 2012

Curry Blake

This is the page for Audio recordings of Curry Blake from JGLM.

Most files are stored at MediaFire. Click the link, sign up, then download.

If you prefer the Dropbox format there are a few. Click on the Dropbox link to sign up.

If you are looking for recordings of the Sunday broadcasts, iChurch, DLIAC, click HERE!

The most recent recording is "What is Church" from 6/8/2014. There won't be any more recording offered after that date.

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Other teaching series by Curry Blake

Kingdom Finance

New Man (Austin TX)

New Man Series (Australia)

DHT Doncaster City, Australia

DHT Victorville, California
DHT Duluth, Minnesota
Diversity of Tongues (9 files)

2013 Camp Meeting - Saints Movement

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Most of the Sunday "iChurch" recordings were recorded by me from Live streaming video. I have recorded these myself for my own edification and I upload them and share them for the edification of others. Use of these recordings may be subject to rights reserved by JGLM.

The audio of "New Man", "DHT", and "Diversity of Tongues" are all files that I have downloaded from various sites, or files that were given to me. I claim NO rights to these. I only offer them for edification of the Body of Christ. These files may be subject to rights reserved by JGLM.

I am not a member or employee of JGLM. All information contained on this page is for private use ONLY. It may NOT be distributed for sale by any parties or individuals. If you have questions about the use of these recordings, please contact JGLM directly.

To contact me, click here or here.

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