Monday, December 30, 2013

440 (70cm) Ham Radio in Greeneville/Greene County TN

This is a work in progress...

There is not a complete list anywhere for 70cm (440MHz) amateur radio repeaters in Greene County Tennessee....

So I will make one!

This is a list I have compiled from various websites and my own observations from my listening post in Norther Greene County TN.

YELLOW Problems/Limited Range/Unknown/Info Needed

441.850 + 100.0 tone Bald Mtn/Camp Creek/Greene Co
441.900 + 103.5 tone K4GV Gate City, VA
442.700 + N4FV unplugged
443.150 + 100.0 N4CAG Greene Co/Camp Crk/Bald Mtn
443.200 + 100.0 W4WC Greene Co/Camp Crk/Bald Mtn
443.750 + 203.5 KG4LHC Newport Cocke Co
444.200 + 118.8 (NOT 173.8!) K4MFD Greene Co/Camp Crk/Bald Mtn
444.300 + WB4GBI Maryville/Knoxville TN
444.650 + 100 WB4NKM Greene Co/Camp Crk/Bald Mtn
444.750 + 192.8 K4ETN/R Greeneville
444.800 + 173.8
444.900 + Asheville, NC 
444.950 + 100.0 Jefferson City TN KG4GVX                    
445.600/440.600 173.8 linked to 147.135 KE4KQI

Greene County ONLY List

RadioReference Repeater List

K1IW Repeater Web Search

Thanks to the East TN Hams FB Group
East TN Hams

Good List!
repeaterbook app (apple)
Android app

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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Police Scanner Apps - UPDATED

A review of FREE "Police Scanner" apps for iPhone/iPod

Broadcastify is the service that hosts and provides the scanner feeds to the public. Their app is the best one out there now.

Download it for Android or Apple devices

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Police Scanner+ (Rego Apps) - CRAP!
     As soon as the app comes up, there's an ad in your face. AND, the background picture clues us in to where they are from - outer space!

5-0 Radio Police Scanner Lite (Smartest Apps) - CRAP!
     I originally liked it, but now, everytime I start the app an ad pops up and blocks the screen. Simple interface; touch "Local Scanner Feeds", select the feed, and you're listening! The graphic looks proper - A RADIO! What a novel concept! Nice to have the clock right there too...

Police Radio (Critical Hits Software) - Good
     Touch "Near Me", select the feed and you're running. Bad news is, they keep pushing you to upgrade. It works, but there's better apps.

Police Scanner & Radio (Police Scanner Radio) - Does NOT Work

Cop Radio Police Scanner (Rego Apps) - Same as Police Scanner+

Emergency Radio Free (EdgeRift) - MY FAVORITE
     The "Nearby" feature does not work. You have to search by state, then county to find the feed. It does have the 10 codes right there and a map. The interface looks clean and professional. Once you get it set up, it automatically opens to you favorite feed (unique feature!).

Scanner Radio Deluxe (Gordon Edwards) - FAVORITE! (second place)
     Easiest to use! Push "Near Me", select the feed, push the star to add it to your favorites. Also shows "alerts"; you can set the alerts to notify you when the number of listeners reaches a certain threshold, ie, something is going on and you need to tune in!

Scanner911 Police Radio (Fullscreen) - CRAP!
     Doesn't work; wants you to upgrade.

iScan - Live Police and Fire Scanner (Bean's Bytes) - CRAP!
     No Greeneville, but what they do have doesn't work.

CompleTure - Best Police scanner ( - Good
     First touch "Police" at the bottom, then "Nearby" at the top. Push the play button and the star to favorite.

911 Police Radio Free! (John Temple Group) - CRAP!
     A lot of ads in your face and you have to search by state, etc to find the feed you want.

Scanner911 Police Radio + Music (Fullscreen) - CRAP!
     You have to pay for the upgrade to get Greeneville.

WorldsBestRadio (TheProApps) - CRAP!
     Upgrade required to get anything.

Radio Police (R Rezaiifar) - CRAP!
     This one looked promising at first, BUT, after I got it set up, it was just a waste of time. It DOES WORK, but, there's MUCH better apps.

911 Emergency Radio (Hipposoft) - Good
     Very straightforward- it takes you straight to States, then County/City, then pick your feed. It also has a "favorite" (STAR) feature so you can access your favorite feed faster the next time.

Replay Scanner ( - Good
     Click "Nearby", I had to tap so it would check again, then the whole Greene Co list popped up. Also has favorite feature.

Police FM (Hung Hing Wong) - CRAP!
     It ONLY has a short list of major US cities ONLY

Greene Co Scanner
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Friday, October 11, 2013

Greeneville, Greene Co. Police Fire & EMS

(Push play button to listen live)

If you like the online scanner or use an app on your phone, please contribute to help keep us broadcasting

Have you visited the discussion group yet?
Greeneville Greene County Scanner Discussion Group

Greeneville Greene Co Scanner Facebook page
Scanner Radio Deluxe for iPhone (FREE!)
Scanner Radio Deluxe for Android

Android Apps for listening to the live scanner feed CLICK HERE

For iPhone, iPod, & iPad search for "police scanner", select "Free" & "By Popularity"

Greene Co Sheriff 154.785
Greene Co Fire 155.325
Greenevile/Greene Co EMS 154.085
Greeneville Light & Power 158.175
Greeneville City PD 154.725
Greeneville Fire 154.37
Greenevile/Greene Co Airport 122.7
Animal Control, Salt Trucks, Zoning 860.6375

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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Domain Issues

Update - 2guntom is back up. If goDaddy screws it up again, I'm going to the races and flattening Danica Patrick's tires!

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This is what I found at Twitter:

"STATUS: For approximately 35 minutes, customers were unable to access some GoDaddy services. The issue is resolved. "

For now, use

Some links containing "" will be down until I get things fixed.

I hope to get things resolved soon...

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