Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Police Scanner Apps

A review of FREE "Police Scanner" apps for iPhone/iPod

Police Scanner+ (Rego Apps) - CRAP!
     As soon as the app comes up, there's an ad in your face. AND, the background picture clues us in to where they are from - outer space!

5-0 Radio Police Scanner Lite (Smartest Apps) - CRAP!
     I originally liked it, but now, everytime I start the app an ad pops up and blocks the screen. Simple interface; touch "Local Scanner Feeds", select the feed, and you're listening! The graphic looks proper - A RADIO! What a novel concept! Nice to have the clock right there too...

Police Radio (Critical Hits Software) - Good
     Touch "Near Me", select the feed and you're running. Bad news is, they keep pushing you to upgrade. It works, but there's better apps.

Police Scanner & Radio (Police Scanner Radio) - Does NOT Work

Cop Radio Police Scanner (Rego Apps) - Same as Police Scanner+

Emergency Radio Free (EdgeRift) - MY FAVORITE
     The "Nearby" feature does not work. You have to search by state, then county to find the feed. It does have the 10 codes right there and a map. The interface looks clean and professional. Once you get it set up, it automatically opens to you favorite feed (unique feature!).

Scanner Radio Deluxe (Gordon Edwards) - FAVORITE! (second place)
     Easiest to use! Push "Near Me", select the feed, push the star to add it to your favorites. Also shows "alerts"; you can set the alerts to notify you when the number of listeners reaches a certain threshold, ie, something is going on and you need to tune in!

Scanner911 Police Radio (Fullscreen) - CRAP!
     Doesn't work; wants you to upgrade.

iScan - Live Police and Fire Scanner (Bean's Bytes) - CRAP!
     No Greeneville, but what they do have doesn't work.

CompleTure - Best Police scanner ( - Good
     First touch "Police" at the bottom, then "Nearby" at the top. Push the play button and the star to favorite.

911 Police Radio Free! (John Temple Group) - CRAP!
     A lot of ads in your face and you have to search by state, etc to find the feed you want.

Scanner911 Police Radio + Music (Fullscreen) - CRAP!
     You have to pay for the upgrade to get Greeneville.

WorldsBestRadio (TheProApps) - CRAP!
     Upgrade required to get anything.

Radio Police (R Rezaiifar) - CRAP!
     This one looked promising at first, BUT, after I got it set up, it was just a waste of time. It DOES WORK, but, there's MUCH better apps.

911 Emergency Radio (Hipposoft) - Good
     Very straightforward- it takes you straight to States, then County/City, then pick your feed. It also has a "favorite" (STAR) feature so you can access your favorite feed faster the next time.

Replay Scanner ( - Good
     Click "Nearby", I had to tap so it would check again, then the whole Greene Co list popped up. Also has favorite feature.

Police FM (Hung Hing Wong) - CRAP!
     It ONLY has a short list of major US cities ONLY

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