Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Wii Hacks

I was playing Mario Kart online and noticed some strange occurrences- people were getting oodles of power-ups and their re-spawns were instantaneous.

This started my research into the world of hacking a Wii system.

As fun as it would be to get online and smash the hackers that are cheating and ruining my fun, I found that the communities of Wii hackers were much more innocent in their motives and their results are outstanding.

It took some sincere searching and trial and error, but I was able to add over 200 tracks to Mario Kart!

In a world of new game systems costing hundreds of $$, and games and accessories adding to it, the Wii has fallen from grace. Your average pawn shop won't even offer you $20 for a Wii system and are quite glad when you offer to buy one they have on the dusty shelf. For the price of an SD card, and you probably have half a dozen laying in a drawer somewhere anyway, you can really have some fun on a budget; I know I am!

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