Monday, October 20, 2014

Android on PC

Still playing with this.

It runs a "live cd" extremely well on my netbook, but was a little tricky to do a legitimate installation.

I learned that the drive or partition HAS TO BE formatted in NTFS. Then, you can have a dual boot install with Windows. The GRUB .98 won't pick up other installations of Linux though.

I was able to put Android 4.4.2 on a USB Flash Drive; not a Live CD, but a real installation. That should satisfy any of my hankerings for tinkering.

Here's some links of interest-


Ranish Partition Manager and XOSL Multi-boot Manager

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Sunday, October 12, 2014


Twitter has a nice... um... well, I don't know...

Twitter seems like a way for you to voice your opinion, or maybe, just send a 140 character text message to a throng of "followers" who will never read it. I think...

Well, at least I have found a decent use for it- it is a quick way to post to Facebook (since my accounts are linked) if I'm on something like an iPod that takes FOREVER and a day to use Facebook on.

The Twitter code of ethics is supposed to be - if you "follow" someone, they "follow you back"...

Don't hold your breath on that one.

Ya, I know; it's a 2-way street. Sure. You check my account, and there are a bunch of people I don't follow back either. The problem there is I don't speak Russian. Honestly, I don't. I don't know who they are and I don't want to click on their blind links to find out that they're just spammers pushing porn, Russian brides, or whatever. The Google translator doohickie doesn't help much either.

For instance

"ело против гестапо и СД вместе, заявив, что это было необходимо благодаря тесному сотрудничеству в работе между ними..."

through the "translator"-

"ate against the Gestapo and SD together, saying that it was necessary due to the close cooperation between them in the ..."


I am a fan of "We Love Russia", but that's different; they have videos!

So, in my tweeting adventures, I've found some websites to be of assistance-

This site/tool/app gives you a quick glance of who is not following you back. You can unfollow from their interface.

This is a neat app with statistics on your Twitter activity. Maybe if I tweeted more, my report would be more interesting.

Want to know who stopped following you? This is what you need. They've got some other tools I'm playing with... Check 'em out; it's free.

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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Internet Browsers, Revisited

I stumbled across something today...

I had previously given a Shop-Vac award to the browser Midori because it sucked, (see the comments at the bottom of this page) but I still use it some in Linux.

But, I think I found out why it didn't impress me thoroughly- the readily available "packaged" Midori is version 4.3.

The current version is 5.8. I found that here I did...

So, how do you get the current version?

Glad you asked

open your terminal window and copy/paste this badboy-

sudo apt-add-repository ppa:midori/ppa && sudo apt-get update -qq && sudo apt-get install midori

I think every single instance of Midori I have is the 4.3 version, so with this new intel, I have something new to play with...

Check out Midori's website for downloads and instructions for all operating systems.

Oh, and hit their blog site for news, updates, and other useful tidbits (like what I just shared ;) ).

a lightweight, fast, and free web browser

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Monday, September 29, 2014

Linux Finale, the Good News

I'm still loving Mint, the Cinnamon version. I've only found 2 computers that didn't do well with it;
one is an antiquated XP machine (graphics card issue), and a netbook that suffered from inadequate hardware.

With these 2, and any other computer, the Xfce version of Mint works fine.

Right along with Mint Xfce for hardware challenged machines, there is Xubuntu. I *was* using Lubuntu, but I think it suffered from kernel updates and very possibly my lack of understanding of "apt-get". See my distro installation instructions for more details. Please keep in mind, Xfce and Xubuntu work great on newer machines too.

In pursuit of video editting and production, I discovered Ubuntu Studio and ArtistX. Ubuntu Studio has a good set of software and the desktop environment is familiar and friendly. Unfortunately ArtistX is not using the most recent kernel. Why? I don't know. And, it is really too bad because it has a VERY extensive pile of programs for video, pictures, audio... I think they have them all.

I gave LXLE another solid try. It seems to be suffering slightly like Lubuntu; I don't know why or I would fix it. There is something with the updates, whether to software or the kernel itself that is suffering slightly.

Kali... I don't know what to say. I guess if you are an aspiring hacker or you do penetration testing for a living, you probably would like it. As much as I'd like to be, I'm not a hacker. The tools and software packaged in Kali are indeed cool, but I have no need of it.

Ultimate Edition started off cool; it has EVERYTHING. But, it acts like it ate everything too- it's bloated. In the updates, whether kernel or software, something went wrong. It crashed and I couldn't get it to recover. I checked, and I WAS running the most recent version, so I don't know what happened.

I have not yet completely discarded Windows. Some of the software I use has to be run in Windows. The software that should be a suitable replacement in Linux either doesn't work, doesn't have a good instruction set, or a combination of the 2. There is Wine and "emulators", but my lack of success with those leaves me to running "dual boot" set ups. That's not a problem as I see it, at least for my purposes, but I would eventually like to stop using big corporation money makers like Windows and anything of the Apple/Mac atrocities. The day will come; I have faith.

During the installation of ANY and ALL distros,
do NOT have the computer connected to the internet,
or elect to have it NOT install updates during the installation process.

Instead, install the Linux distribution.
Restart per the instructions offered.
NOW, connect to the internet.
In the "terminal" type
sudo apt-get update
sudo do-release-upgrade
There may be a restart involved.
Next, find the "software updater" and run it.

Xubuntu does not have Flash and Java installed already like Mint. Find "Ubuntu Software Center" and search for "restricted extras". Install...
Also search for "OpenJDK Java 7 Runtime" and install
For Java-
sudo apt-get install openjdk-7-jre
sudo apt-get install icedtea-plugin
sudo update-alternatives --config java

Grub Customizer
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:danielrichter2007/grub-customizer
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install grub-customizer

Repair, Adapt, Remove Grub
This is necessary for fixing GRUB after removing a distro. You can also use it re-establish GRUB for a particlular distro so it has the priority so Grub Customizer will function correctly

So, in summary,
Mint Cinnamon is great,
Mint Xfce if the hardware is severely lacking,
Xubuntu is rapidly becoming a favorite for all occasions,
Ubuntu Studio looks promising,
and I wish they would update ArtistX so I could give it a thorough test.

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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Internet Slowdown

Cable companies want to slow down (and break!) your favorite sites, for profit. To fight back, let's cover the web with symbolic "loading" icons, to remind everyone what an Internet without net neutrality would look like, and drive record numbers of emails and calls to lawmakers. 
Are you in?


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Friday, August 22, 2014

UEFI, The Dual Boot Killer

Dual Boot- simply put, you keep Windows AND install Linux so you can boot either at startup.

Well, that was until they came up with UEFI BIOS.

What is UEFI? Read here

And here's the problem, the people that are supposed to know, or act like they know, DON'T.

For instance


Clueless, and sad because that is the Linux Mint "Community". Actually, that is VERY sad...

Now, this guy gets it-

And, God bless him!!!

He has great understanding and takes the time to break it down, WAY down, so us po' foke can understand.

According to Rod Smith, I understand why the last 3 days of my life have been consumed trying to understand what happened to my work horse computer...

Windows 7 boots in "legacy" (BIOS). So does the DVD drive.

But, when you boot from a USB flash drive, it boots from UEFI. If you install an operating system from a USB drive (like I've done so many times before) the resulting operating system on the harddrive boots from UEFI.

So, if you want to keep Windows, and have Linux too (dual boot)...
Both Windows, and Linux will then be booting from BIOS, or GRUB (sorta', but not really with Mint [this rabbit hole goes WAY down Alice!!!]).

But none of this should be this hard on a Windows 7 machine... Windows 8? Oh, yes, but not Windows 7...

They started implimenting this UEFI stuff around 2011 (when my machine was made). And, just like HP, they straddle technologies eras and leave a mess for guys like me when they try to install or re-install operating systems (it has happened before).

Odd though, the cheaper brands like eMachines, Acer, Gateway, they have NEVER given me issues like this, yet they are ridiculed by computer snobs...

I guess, one day when I become "cool", maybe I'll understand...

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