Friday, October 11, 2013

Greeneville, Greene Co. Police Fire & EMS

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- 1/27/2014 -
I'm using a different scanner, a different computer, and a webcam!

- 1/25/2014 -
Greeneville City Police Dept is coming in loud and clear again!

- 1/10/14 -
Wednesday January 8th I heard someone working on the Greeneville City Police Dept's radio equipment. Later that evening the quality of the signal on that frequency went WAY down. I also noticed that the signal quality dropped equally on Greeneville City Fire frequency.

Thursday I went into town and monitored those frequencies. They sounded terrible until I got into town. As long as I was in Greeneville, they sounded fine; as soon as I left the city and went into the county, they began to fade.

Either they have changed antennas or they are broadcasting with less power.

The scanner that receives these for broadcast on the internet and smartphone apps is located out in the county (Ottway). I will have to investigate getting a better antenna, or maybe getting a different scanner.

- 11/13/13 -
Reprogrammed for your listening pleasure!
There will be a few kinks that need the proverbial ironing, so please be patient.
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- 10/16/13 -
Woohoo! We now have a scanner feed RIGHT HERE!!!
I'm also looking at the frequencies being scanned now- Tri Cities trunked system changes its data channel around 8AM every morning (that awful noise you hear). If I'm near the radio, I can fix it; if not, the feed is useless. I'm trying to determine if those frequencies are actually being used; if they're not, they'll be eliminated. Your patience is appreciated.

- 10/11/13 -
I'm finally back up, running and broadcasting again!!!
Please be patient as I'm working with slightly different equipment at the new broadcast site.
The broadcast may be up and down for the next week...
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Greene Co Sheriff 154.785
Greene Co Fire 154.4
Greene Co Fire 155.325
Greenevile/Greene Co EMS 154.085
Greenevile/Greene Co EMS 155.205
Greeneville Light & Power 158.175
Greeneville City PD 154.725
Greeneville Fire 154.37

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